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September lawn preparations

Who doesn’t want a beautiful lawn in South Africa? Spring is here, omitting the little cold spurt of late, and we know you want to have the greenest, lushest and thickest lawn at your curbside to make your neighbors jealous with. Or having a green carpet to sunbathe on next to the pool. Whatever reason you have, everyone wants a great lawn. Seeing that it is the most likely the largest feature in your garden, you might want to put some effort into it. But, putting your neighbors to shame is a challenge every year seeing as your neighbor from down the street is always outside tending to his lawn making sure you look like an amateur. Or you have had a bad year with lawn caterpillars and your poolside carpet is looking sparse to say the least. That is all about to change!

First things first. Proper prep is key. This will minimise risk for disease later in the season when it is hot and damp. First – scarify your lawn. Cut low with the mower to remove large sections of dead growth left over from last season. No point in trying to revive something that has been dead all winter. Yes, we know you left it all winter. But that’s ok. Once you have mowed, rake out all the dead matter that has collected above the soil. Rake vigorously. Make sure you are wearing your fitness watch when you are doing this, might as well track your calorie burn. Then you can reward yourself with a cookie later. This might take some elbow grease if you want to do it properly.


Next get a spike roller and aerate your lawn. If you don’t have a roller you can easily do it with a garden fork by piercing the soil repeatedly. Don’t angle or wedge your fork to bring up soil. “Ons spit nie hier nie, mense”. This improves aeration of the roots as well as drainage and prevents compaction. You might want to water your lawn a bit beforehand to soften the soil that has compacted over the winter months. No need to work harder than necessary.


Next comes dressing. Dress your lawn with a thin layer of lawn dressing. Make sure not to dress too deeply. At least one third of the blade of grass should be protruding from the top layer. You don’t want to smother your lawn. Smother it with love, not dressing. Dressing your lawn will condition the soil with organic matter to help with absorption of nutrients, water retention as well as protect young sprouts from those unexpected cold spats in the middle of November.


Now comes the real turbo booster! Feed your lawn with our new Lawn and Shrubs. This product not only contains the usual Nitrogen, Phosphates and Potassium but is also enriched with a secondary macro ingredient – Sulphur! Sulphur is a fundamental ingredient to life. Sulphur is present in all plants and plays and significant role in plant metabolisation and photosynthesis. Sulphur is also part required for nitrogen uptake and lack of it can severely hamper nitrogen metabolism. Not only do we add secondary macro ingredients but also micro ingredients. Our Lawn and Shrub fertiliser contains micro elements such as Zinc, Boron, Copper, Iron and Manganese.  We will explain the purpose of each of these elements in the coming posts. For now, all you need to know is that they are important, and these ingredients are what are going to give you that special edge in perfecting your lawn. Remember to water well after applying fertiliser, especially fertiliser that has a high Nitrogen content. Repeat applications every three to four weeks.


Now how-to water? We suggest a deep soak every few days depending on your general temperature and of course water restrictions. Deep soaking promotes deeper root growth. Letting the roots dig deep into the soil which in turn benefit from moisture located deeper down. Shallow roots tend to dry out as the top layer of soil bakes in the sun. Leaving them vulnerable and dry. Giving you weak lawn and unenthusiastic growth. Deep soaking will make your lawn less susceptible to drying out while you trudge on with your nine to five, dreaming of being in your garden instead.


There you have it. Your neighbors won’t know what hit them and soon you will be laying poolside with a Mojito and a thick carpet below your towel, poolside. Easy-peasy grassy-greensy!


Tata for now – Triomf Team